Saturday, 18 June 2016

हमेशा अपने आप को सामान्य रखना चाहते हो ?

“I walked to my desk and was about to resume work, with my cup of coffee, when my desk bell rang. I was called by Sridhar, ideally he is my boss, and this was the second day at my workplace, and I was yet to understand the entire business set up, so I thought maybe I had made some mistake in the submitted files.

Mandavi Pandey

Mandavi Pandey

Head content and branding at eWellness Expert

I went in; he locked the door behind me, didn’t waste a moment pulling me near him, and whispered in my ears, ‘would you like some piping COFFEE tonight at my place? .......If you do, all your files will get cleared, and within a week, you will be promoted to the next level, where you can actually have double the salary’,

I was taken aback, for a moment, I went numb, he was one of the most influential persons in the company, and this was a hard-earned job………….

With my two strong arms (which now felt stronger) I pushed him hard and he fell on his chair.

I ran and opened the door with a bang (to draw attention of all my colleagues), went forward to Sridhar again, picked up the glass from the desk, and threw the water on his face……

on hearing my experience; each one in office did congratulate me, but exclaimed (to my surprise) that ‘this was so NORMAL with every female employee in this office, yeh to badi companys may hota hi rehta hai’, but as on my part, I was clear, I could not accept this bullying and sexual harassment in a workplace as something ‘NORMAL’…”(Anonymous)

It is true that most of us subserve to various situations, which have been happening for a long period of time in society, at a stretch, and term them ‘NORMAL’ as because they do not get changed at the right time. Racism, dowry, bullying, female objectification, communalism, female-infanticide, child marriage, late parenthood stigma, sexual harassment and there are many more issues on which society has its own opinion, and that is ‘NORMAL’.

If a girl is eve teased, her mother restrains her from reporting the matter, saying, “its normal, don’t worry, the same man won’t follow you the next day”, but what if another rascal just matters to comment on your girl the next day!

Huge dowry is termed NORMAL in Indian marriages, infact, it is tagged as ‘RIWAAZ’, i.e. custom of gifts to the bridegroom in most parts of India. It is shocking that though the law and constitution is against this motion, but people themselves so lovingly believe in this extortion as ‘NORMAL’.

“Normal is something I can never take for granted again,” well said by Andaleeb Wajid, the beautiful woman author who inspired the world with her books, which redefined romance, and love for food.

Minds which think beyond normalcy make a mark for the world.

Normality is actually a delusion. It is largely defined by what society thinks and practices, and the notion of normality keep changing from time to time. What a large group thinks in common becomes normal.

Even an intellectual person, posing his great ideas incoherently, is termed as abnormal, because he is just different from the mass.

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